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2024-25 Catalog 
    May 29, 2024  
2024-25 Catalog

Getting Started at Pueblo Community College

Step 1: START at the Go!Zone Enrollment Center Help Desk

Step 2: Apply for Admission

You may apply for admission one of two ways:

  • Apply at the following site. Click Apply Online under the Academics tab.
  • Visit any PCC registration station. Administrative personnel will help you apply.

Please refer to Applying for Admission  for detailed information about your application.

Step 3: Register for the College Opportunity Fund (COF)

Apply for the COF on the online admissions application. If you do not have access to the internet, you may go to any campus registration station to sign up for the COF.

Step 4: Take the Basic Skills Placement Test

Contact the PCC campus closest to you for the Accuplacer basic skills test schedule. Under some circumstances, you may be exempt from taking the test. Please refer to Basic Skills Testing  for more information.

Step 5: Apply for Financial Aid

To apply for financial aid, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online. We will base your financial aid award on the number of credits you register for each semester. All information, guidelines and policies related to financial aid are available from the PCC Financial Aid Office. Please refer to Financial Aid  for more information.

Step 6: Meet with an Academic Advisor

All new students should meet with an academic advisor to establish an educational pathway plan. You can meet with an advisor by going to the Go!Zone for walk-in service or call 719.549.3177 (Pueblo), 719.296.6100 (Fremont), 970.385.2020 (Southwest Site - Durango) or 970.564.6201 (Southwest Campus -Mancos) to schedule an appointment. Continuing students should contact their assigned faculty advisor prior to registering for classes. If you do not yet have a declared major, please visit with an advisor.

Step 7: Register for Classes

Register for classes online. Click on myPCC Portal at the top of the PCC webpage. Sign in to the Portal and click the navigate link on the dashboard tab. The “My Plan” tab will display the classes needed for your program of study. You can also go to the Student tab, then to Registration Tools. Click on the Look up Classes or Add or Drop Classes links to search for classes. Refer to the current PCC Catalog for more information.

Step 8: Attend New Student Orientation

If you are a new or transfer student who is enrolling in more than six (6) credit hours, it is highly recommended you attend an orientation session prior to the start of your first semester. During orientation you will receive valuable information about PCC policies, as well as information regarding college success, study skills, time management and services available to you. Contact the Go!Zone for dates and times or look up AAA 0070-0077  sections in the schedule of classes. An online orientation is also available.

Step 9: Obtain a PCC Panther One Card (ID Card)

The Panther One ID Card is required at all campus locations – the Main Campus, Southwest Campus, Durango Site, and Fremont Campus.

The card is required for identification at student-sponsored events and in various offices at PCC. All first-time students will be assessed a one-time ID card fee during the first semester they attend. The only time students will be charged additional fees is if the card is lost or needs to be replaced.

Students can obtain a Panther One Card after they have registered for classes by visiting the Welcome Center on the Pueblo Campus or the Go!Zones at the Fremont Campus and Southwest Campus. Photo identification must be presented to obtain an ID card.

Faculty and staff must obtain and display a PCC Id card once they have completed the new hire process through Human Resources.

Step 10: Make Sure You Can Access Your PCC Email Account

This is our primary way to communicate with you. After you become a student, we will not send information to your personal email account. All students should regularly check their college-issued student email accounts so they don’t miss important announcements. To access your student email, log in to the myPCC Portal and click the Student Email icon on the top right corner of the page. If you have problems opening your email, please call 1.888.800.9198 for assistance. Please note that student email accounts are created AFTER students register in classes.

Step 11: Arrange to Pay Tuition and Fees

Visit the Cashier’s Office or go online to the myPCC Portal, Student Finance tab, and view Tuition Bill to pay your tuition and fees. PCC accepts cash, checks and valid third-party payments. You can also pay your tuition and fees with Visa, Discover, MasterCard or American Express.

Step 12: Register Your Vehicle to Receive a Parking Permit

PCC provides open parking on all campuses. Reserved or restricted parking will be identified with signage. Students, staff, and faculty are required to obtain and display a parking permit for their vehicles. Permits may be obtained at the Welcome Center on the Pueblo Campus or the Go!Zones at the Fremont Campus and Southwest Campus and Durango Site. Any person utilizing handicap parking must display a state-issued handicap parking placard or handicap license plate.

Parking citations may be issued for violation of the PCC Parking Rules and Regulations. The complete PCC Parking Rules and Regulations can be found at the following website. They may also be obtained at the Welcome Center at the Pueblo Campus and the Go!Zones at the Fremont and Southwest Campus and Durango Site.

Step 13: Purchase Your Textbooks at the College Bookstore

As early as possible before the semester starts, go to the PCC Bookstore or website to obtain your required textbooks and supplies. The PCC bookstores also offer general interest books, art supplies, office supplies, basic school supplies, calculators, greeting cards, clothing, glassware, and gift items. Books can be purchased on campus at Pueblo and Fremont campuses. All students can purchase textbooks at the bookstore website.

Step 14: Complete PCC Safety Trainings (online) with Vector Solutions

Pueblo Community College is committed to providing a supportive learning environment that promotes your safety and healthy decision-making as it pertains to alcohol and other substance use and fostering safe, healthy relationships among our students. As part of this commitment, PCC complies with and upholds all federal, state, and local laws that regulate or prohibit the possession, use or distribution of alcohol or illegal drugs. Additionally, the college and members of our community will not tolerate offenses of dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, sexual violence, or any other type of sexual misconduct.

These courses and the college’s partnership with Vector Solutions is intended to help you learn more about the impact of alcohol and other substances on your body, the resources that are available to you, the college policies on alcohol and other substances, and keeping our campuses safe. Also known as an institution of higher education, PCC has federal mandates to provide these trainings to our students each academic year. This course is about 45 minutes and is an investment in yourself, the college community, and beyond.

If you are looking for PCC policies, you can find them in the PCC Student Handbook located at this link You can visit PCC’s webpage on sexual misconduct and Title IX located at this link to access information on alcohol/drug referral programs and resources and learn more about procedures and/or student resources related to any type of sexual misconduct.

Look for the email which outlines this expectation, instructions on how to access the important safety trainings, and the deadline to complete these online courses.

Thank you in advance for doing your part to create and maintain a safe and supportive community.

Step 15: Be Sure to Attend Your First Day of Class!