Sep 22, 2019  
2019-2020 Catalog 
2019-2020 Catalog

CCCS Guaranteed Transfer (GT) - Pathways Courses

Dr. Jeffrey Alexander, Dean of Arts and Sciences

In December 2005, the Colorado Commission on Higher Education established a statewide transfer policy for general education course credits. This policy is also known as GT Pathways. The table below lists GT Pathways Courses that are included in this policy. Although Pueblo Community College does not offer all of the courses listed in the table below, if you are transferring any of these courses to PCC from an accredited post-secondary institution, these courses will be accepted at PCC.

CCCS Guaranteed Transfer (GT) - Pathways Courses

Introductory Writing Courses (GT-CO1)

Intermediate Writing Courses (GT-CO2)

Advanced Writing Courses (GT- CO3)

World Languages (GT-AH4)

Natural & Physical Sciences: (GT-SC1)

Courses WITH Required Laboratory

Natural & Physical Sciences: (GT-SC2)

Lecture Courses WITHOUT Required Laboratory